Bradford Place Apartments

Bradford Place Apartments

Senior Apartments in Milwaukee, WI

Bradford Place Apartments

We have one-bedroom senior apartments for rent in Milwaukee, WI. 62+
Just a walk away from the city, shopping centers, and Bradford Beach.

Our Senior Apartments are Low-Income Based and Pet-Friendly!

Low-Income Senior Apartments

We offer affordable  housing for seniors aged 62 and up.  We’re a fully ADA compliant senior housing facility, with wheelchair accessibility, hand rails on every floor, and an assortment of inclusive features. Check out our low income apartments today!


You’re always encouraged to feel at home here at Bradford Place. Our vibrant community center has amenities like a viewing room, dining area, and community kitchen. Perfect for parties and weekly events. We also have an exercise center with state-of-the-art equipment. Join our growing community.

Secure Facility

 Keeping your security top of mind is important to us. Our entire facility is only accessible from the outside through our resident key fobs. Along with a secure building, we provide our residents with life-alert buttons to ensure your physical safety at all times. 

View our Apartments and Amenities

Take look at our low-income senior apartments

Located just outside the heart of Milwaukee are our pet-friendly, equal opportunity senior housing apartments. Check out our unique living advantage.

How Does it Work?


Fill out an Application

The application process is the firs step. From here, we run background checks for all applicants. 


Interview Process

Once you’ve been approved, we will initiate the interview. This can take place at our apartments so you also get a tour of the facility. (to make sure you’re a good fit, and that you like the building)

Initial Payment

When you’re ready to make the move, an initial security deposit will be requested by our front office. This is to claim your unit.


Get Your Keys!

The final step is to get your keys to your new home!